10 Signs You’re a Disney Annual Passholder

Disney annual pass holders, especially those who live near a park, are a unique group of individuals. Here are 10 signs that you fall into the mouse trap every. single. day.

1) You have more than 3 MagicBands.

In different colors. Maybe a few limited editions. And you wear the one that matches your outfit.

2) You think the discount needs to be more.

Because duh. And let me use it on popcorn!

3) You have a large amount of friends on the My Disney Experience app.

How else would be able to make FastPass’s?

4) “I found a FastPass for Frozen for right NOW! Let’s go!”

You might not be that lucky, but you do find really good ones for later that night and force someone to go with you.

5) You have one park you always go to.

It could be EPCOT or California Adventure but it’s your go to. And sometimes you feel like the other parks feel left out so you plan to go there next time. And then you totally don’t.

6) Your Instagram is covered in Disney pics.

If it’s not on the gram did it really happen?

7) You’ve done homework in the Hub at least once.

Or at one of the Starbuck’s. Why sit at home when you have a theme park you can go to?

8) “Hey let’s go watch Fantastic tonight!”

The best text to get after a long day. But it’s almost¬†always¬†30 minutes before the show starts so you have to run through the park to get to it on time. You usually get there.

9) You know the best viewing spots.

And you love bringing visiting friends or families to them to show off your Disney knowledge.

10) “I haven’t been to a park in sooooo long!”

It’s been two days but to you that feels like a lifetime.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Doing homework in front of the castle.

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